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Our Elders teach us that the most effective way to invest in the future is through education. The Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes strive to build a self-sufficient society and economy and the primary way to do so is by investing in future generations.

Tribal Education welcomes new staff!  We have added Kayla Couture to the STEP program as Community Development Specialist and Veronica Matt as Community Development Specialist in Tribal Education!

Our celebration of educational accomplishments by our young people is set for Thursday, June 15 at The People's Center.  We would like to invite ALL graduates from Head Start, Kindergarten, 8th grade promotees, high school grads, and college grads to come and eat, socialize, and be recognized!

We are also honoring individuals from the community and will be notifying them and their families to come and be honored for their contributions to cultural education and to Tribal Education in general.

Everyone is welcome to attend on June 15!

Bill Swaney, Tribal Education Department Head


NYCP Overview

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Tribal Education is in partnership with Salish Kootenai College and Two Eagle River School on a US Department of Education funded "Native Youth Community Project".  Our NYCP is focused on College and...

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