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PIR DAY - September 18, 2017 at Polson High School 

We are excited to announce that our keynote speakers this year is RunningHorse Livingston.  

RunningHorse Livingston is the founder and CEO of Mathematize Inc., whose mission is to promote education and educationally related opportunities for Native people.  RunningHorse, a nationally recognized educator and consultant, has spent 13 years helping teachers across the country make sense of their roles in the age of Common Core standards and making schools more constructive places for Native children.   He is an expert in mathematics instruction and school reform.  

A member of the Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa, he has for the past 10 years, provided professional development to teachers, school administration, school boards, and tribes around the nation in the areas of mathematics, and school and tribal professional relations.   Runninghorse's hundreds of hands on workshops and conference presentations are known for being thoughtful, practical, and entertaining.  He has spoken at dozen of prominent conferences in the United States.  

Throughout the year, RunningHorse travels to both public and tribal school districts to assist int eh implementation of culturally responsive pedagogy.  Most recently, RunningHorse contributed his pedagogical insight to an exploratory study by the Mid-continent Research in Education Laboratory into the effectiveness of teaching approaches on student achievement.  RunningHorse believes that our society, culturally responsive teaching reflects democracy at this highest level.  It means doing whatever it takes to ensure that OUR children are achieving and ever moving toward realizing their potential. 

RunningHorse Livingston


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Tribal Education is in partnership with Salish Kootenai College and Two Eagle River School on a US Department of Education funded "Native Youth Community Project".  Our NYCP is focused on College and...

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