The Modernization Act

Since its introduction and implementation in the 1970’s, the National Johnson O’Malley Association has been delivering federal assistance to Native American students. Unfortunately nothing has changed since then. That is, until the passing of the Modernization Act.

Certain members of the NJOMA, elected officials from among employees and parents of JOM students, have been fighting to get the program recognized. Not only has there been little to no change to the rules and regulations but there has been no increase of budget. That’s all about to change.

If you log onto and look at the legislative section, you’ll see current updates, the faces of people fighting for Native American student success, and the primary goals of this Act. Not much else about NJOMA should get you fired up and excited as that. The Modernization Act intends to stay relevant and important to legislation for many years to come.

Many of NJOMA’s members who are knowledgeable about federal codes, grants, and procedures for programs such as JOM have found an increasing gap in collecting data. Without data, there has been no proof to need increased budgets, an expansion in needs, internal support to employees, and many more concerns.

With these changes CSKT Tribal Education will be there every step of the way explaining the new Johnson O’Malley Program and what it means for our children. Please go to for more information.

HiSET Achiever Take Advantage

More and more, students have considered dropping out or taking a trade. Not many students may realize that getting their HiSET is important. Parents, we’re sure dropping out may not be an option for your child. However, if your child can achieve the completion of this test, there’s no telling what they may accomplish afterwards.

A special congratulations to all students who’ve taken HiSET tests this school year and passed.

HiSET may be taken at Salish Kootenai College. For more information on days and times go to


IEC Contact Information

We understand, sometimes it’s confusing on who to get a hold of to ask questions about IEC or what you can do as a parent.

At CSKT Tribal Education, you can contact the Community Development Specialist Phylicia McDonald, at (406) 275-2715 x1070, or email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a more detailed question.

Be sure to check Facebook for Ronan/Pablo and Polson Indian Education Committee for specific updates and meeting times.

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For any links or fillable forms, go to