We've all been there. Before you can even throw off your coat, drop your backpack (if you remembered to bring it home), and turn on the television, there's a niggling in the back of your mind saying "you've got homework". After a split second decision you answer "I'll do it never, I hate homework." Then, you're off. Not realizing in the moment that your homework neglect just might, might, influence your grade.

In all my time being a student, there's always been a simpler way I would look up on the internet as to 'how to do homework when i hate it'. So many options were then thrust onto me. Take ten minute stretches. Take a break when you need. Have music to distract from the distractions (especially if those come all too easily). Chew mint gum to retain information, then chew the same flavor during tests. But the question still remained, how do I do my homework if I hate it?

Jump forward a few years and I've stumbled onto the same question... except framed for children. How to help a child with their homework when they hate it? And maybe another question would be, what if it's taking my child too long to complete it? So, stretching my fingers and putting on my researchers hat (not made of tinfoil this time), I began looking for some simple answers to start with. Then, I finally found a blog that just might have a part of the answer. After all, no one answer fits all children. 

So, with all that being said, here's a short list of things that Misty, at HomeMoneyHabits.com, had made:

  1. When it's taking too long, reach out to the teacher... asap.
  2. Stay positive and encouraging when it comes time to do homework.
  3. Get creative and negotiate to get it done.
  4. Set up a homework environment that works best for your child's personality (remember that easily distracted comment?)
  5. Establish homework routines.

Remember, your child is unique and always requires unique solutions. You can go check out this blog to see what else Misty has to say, or find your own blog to help! Your child's academic success is important to Tribal Education, if you need more guided help, please contact us.