PIR Day Schedule of Activities

Time Activity

8:00 – 8:30 AM

Flag Song, Morning Song, Welcome & Instructions

Joe McDonald Health & Fitness Building 

8:30 – 9:00 AM

Coffee, Refreshments & Walk to Session

Joe McDonald Health & Fitness Building


(We will have campus guides to walk you to your building)

9:15 – 10:30 AM

First Session

10:30 – Noon

Second Session

Noon - 1:00 PM


Joe McDonald Health & Fitness Building


1:00 – 2:00 PM

Third Session

2:00 – 3:00 PM

Fourth Session


3:15 – 4:00 PM

Closing with Swil Kanim, Violin virtuoso and storyteller from the Lummi Nation    

Joe McDonald Health & Fitness Building  

Retiring of the Flags   


Each numbered sectional will run the whole day. Teachers will sign up for a single sectional and have the opportunity to explore a subject in depth. Four sessions have been scheduled to allow for breaks and to accommodate sectionals that will include multiple presenters. Sectionals will be capped according to the room capacity.





1. Health and Wellness

Evelyn Stevenson Education Building

Room 120

(25 Participants)

Joyce and Carrie are co-coordinators for BRAIDS grant at SKC. One of the main goals of that grant is to address the ways in which non-cognitive factors affect student success. In this session we will be looking at growth mindset, grit and resilience and the ways in which teachers can address their own growth mindset and the specific things they can do to help their students change the way they interact with challenges. The morning session will be a chance to look at what growth mindset is and what teachers can do to develop that in their classrooms, including resources. The afternoon will be some specific routines that can add a sense of joy to your classroom.

Joyce Silverthorne (SKC)

Carrie Drye (SKC)

All Day

2. Drug Endangered Children Discussion and Child-Focused Strategies You Can Apply In Your Classroom

John Peter Paul Building

Room 102

(25 Participants)

Mission Mountain Drug Task Force, Community Strong Drug Endangered Children Program and State Tribal Education Partnership team up to discuss and delve deeper into the pervasive effects of substance abuse on our children.

Tribal Police Drug Investigators will present a drug awareness presentation that will cover the various drugs that the task force routinely encounters on the Flathead Reservation and surrounding counties.  The presentation will highlight the physical, behavioral, and psychological signs of drug use.  The presentation will show photos of drug paraphernalia and photos of actual houses, and vehicles searched by the Agents.  It is essential to be aware of the increasing hazards connected to drug use for our own safety.

The afternoon session will provide child-centered strategies and tips to help teachers support children in the classroom.

Vernon Fisher

Will Mesteth

Melanie Smith

Karissa Trahan

All Day

3. Early Childhood Literacy (P-3)

Evelyn Stevenson Education Building

Rooms 115-116

(30 Participants)

Manda and Tammy will invite P-3 teachers to explore a developmental sequence of skills leading to robust literacy.  Emphasis is on simple, specific routines (rather than programs) that are proven to grow readers and writers. In the afternoon, American Indian picture books will be shared and strategies to use them will be discussed. Manda and Tammy will provide demonstrations and hands on opportunities to explore best practices.   

Manda Davis (SKC)

Tammy Elser (SKC)

All Day

4. American Indian Literature and Writing Activities for Junior High

Beaverhead Math and Science Building

Room 102

(25 Participants)

Sessions cover exemplary American Indian Literature at middle grade levels along with developed units and literacy extensions. Bibliographies and sample units will be provided.

Linda Jones

All Day

5. American Indian Literature for High School

Beaverhead Math and Science Building

Room 108

(25 Participants)

Claire will demonstrate implementing IEFA at a secondary level through work form local Native poets.

Jen Jilot will present content and activities to teach boarding school history through fiction and non-fiction texts. Jen will share a bibliography of exemplary books on the subject.

9:15 AM – 12:00

Claire Hibbs-Cheff


1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Jen Jilot



6. Traditional and Contemporary Native Arts in the Classroom

Three Woodcocks Art Building

Room 104

(25 Participants)

Local Native artists producing traditional and contemporary art in various mediums will present their work, explore art expressions & classroom applications and resources (Grades 5-12).

Corky Clairmont

Frank Finley

All Day

7. Promising Approaches for Cross-Cultural Teaching: A White Teacher Shares Lessons Learned

Late Louie Caye Building

(35 Participants)

Award winning teacher Greg Michie will share his learnings from nearly three decades of working with culturally diverse students, both as a classroom teacher and professor of education. Sub-topics will include building one’s own cultural competency, creating relevant curriculum, integrating student voice and culture, and incorporating media and multiple literacies.

Greg Michie, Author of “Holler if You Hear Me”

All Day

8. Best Practices for Elementary Math Instruction

Beaverhead Math and Science Building

Room 116

(25 Participants)

Explore strategies, activities, and instructional games that build number sense and math facts.  

Teaching the language of math and activities to build math fact retention. This will be very interactive!

9:15 AM – 12:00

Eliza Sorte (FVCC)


1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Jim MacDiarmid

9. Math Strategies for Middle and High School Teachers

Beaverhead Math and  Science Building

Room 117

(25 Participants)


Instructional practices to support American Indian students discovering self-efficacy and relevance in math courses.

Running Horse Livingston

All Day

10. CSKT PIR Day Session for  Teachers New to the History of the Tribal Nations of the Flathead Indian Reservation

Michel Building

Room 115

(25 Participants)

This session is a primer on Salish, Pend d' Oreille, and Kootenai history and tribal government.  Teachers can self-select if they believe this session is for them.

9:15 AM – 11:00

Kootenai Culture Committee


11:00 AM – Noon

Carole Lankford 

Charmel Gillin


1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Salish-Pend d’Oreille

Culture Committee

11. Becoming a Culturally Responsive Educator with Specific Focus for Classrooms on the Flathead Indian Reservation

Evelyn Stevenson Education Building

Room 114

(25 Participants)

Strategies for integrating culturally responsive practices, instructional strategies into the classroom environment.

Michael Munson (SKC)

All Day

12. Integrating Your Science Class with CSKT Natural Resource Management Content

Beaverhead Math and Science Building

Room 118

(25 Participants)

CSKT Natural Resource Department staff will present four different topics.

Mission Creek Habitat Restoration and Water Quality Improvement - In 2006, the Tribes purchased a 200-acre property in Moiese using fisheries mitigation funding.  Approximately 2.5 miles of Mission Creek flow through this property.  Since the acquisition, the Tribes’ Fisheries Program has been managing this property and conducting a number of restoration projects to 1) restore riparian and wetland habitat along Mission Creek and 2) improve water quality in two separate drainages that flow into Mission Creek on the Tribal property and convey significant amounts of irrigation run-off from upstream agricultural lands.  The presentation will detail the challenges faced by the Fisheries Program on this property, as well as the restoration efforts that have been conducted over the past 12 years.  The presentation will conclude with a discussion of lessons learned and plans for future work at the property.

Division of Fish, Wildlife, Recreation and Conservation Information and Education Program - The I&E Program Manager will discuss science education program developed by the I&E Program including the Animal Field Guide, Lower Flathead River interactive DVD, Explore the River curriculum DVD, Fire on the Land curriculum DVD, and the Living Landscapes; culture climate science and education in tribal communities. The Living Landscapes project will be the primary topic discussed!

Pollinators and Their Importance - This session will briefly touch base on what the Natural Resource Department Pesticide Program is and what our staff do. The presentation will be explore the importance of Pollinators to the economy and for the environment as well. The presentation will highlight how educating our youth regarding this topic is so important. I will explain the “Pollinator Game” my colleagues and myself put together for the children who attended River Honoring (5th and 6th graders). Kids of any age love to learn when there is a game involved!

Wildlife on the Flathead Reservation - Wildlife biologists will discuss different wildlife on the Flathead Reservation, review the free CSKT Wildlife Field app., and discuss previous outreach we have done with schools.


Rusty Sydnor (Mission Creek)

Germaine White (Conservation and Information)

Brittani Clairmont (Pollinators)

Whisper Camel-Means and Stephanie Gillin (Wildlife on the Flathead Reservation)


All Day

13. SciNation

Vanderburg Building

Room 101

(25 Participants)

Explore the activities available through this powerful collaborative with CSKT NRD, TED and SpectrUM.

The Maker Truck will be on site with culturally relevant STEAM activities.


Jodi Hunter-Ivins

Jesse Herbert

Local Culture Makers

All Day

14. Instructional Strategies for Native and Foreign Language Classes

Mathias Building

Room 102

(25 Participants)

Strategies for teaching with comprehensible input to maximize language retention.

Local language teachers share their best activities!

9:15 AM – 12:00

Jim MacDiarmid


1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Naomi Billedeaux 

Aspen Decker



15. School Administrators’ Sectional

Michel Building

Room 113

Superintendents, Principals & Curriculum Coordinators

This is your session!

American Indian Student Achievement: Eric Meredith is a data analyst for OPI.

Making Every Student a Success Story! Ron Canuel has worked for over 42 years in public schools in Canada and has served as an inspirational leader and thought provoker for educators around the world. In the last seven years, Ron has spent extensive periods working with indigenous educators, students, elders, parents and community representatives, to find the best ways and means to improve educational outcomes for indigenous students. Ron has received numerous awards for outstanding leadership as a principal and as a school district superintendent.

Strategies to inspire and support staff as they meet the needs and challenges of their students: Stacy York has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Rocky Mountain College and a Master’s Degree in social Work. Stacy has done extensive work with students experiencing trauma.

9:15 AM -10:00 AM

Eric Meredith (OPI)


10:00 AM - Noon

Ron Canuel


1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Stacy York

16. Giving Students Voice

Parents as Resources

Roles of IEC,TED and Community Development Specialists

Michel Building

Room 116

(25 Participants)

Native Youth Groups and Sponsors will present panel discussions and examples of authentic and meaningful youth leadership programs and activities.

Parents, Indian Education committee (IEC) members and Tribal Education Department (TED) staff will provide information on services and resources available to teachers.

9:15 AM - Noon


Patty Stevens

Willie Stevens

Zanen Pitts


1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Parents, IEC Members,

TED Staff

17. School Librarians Sectional

D'Arcy McNickle Library

(20 Participants)

Hosted by Polson’s Librarian Susan Erickson: IEFA Collections, OPI Resources, Teacher Outreach, Teacher-Librarian Collaboration, etc.

Susan Erickson

All Day


18. Building Student Motivation Through Relationships

Robert DePoe III Building

Room 143

(35 Participants)

Erik Kalenze will present strategies gleaned from years of research on student motivation. Participants will receive REACH guidebooks that contain support materials for implementation. This session is not about a program it is about STRATEGIES!

Eric Kalenze

Search Institute

All Day

19. Native Knowledge 360°

Robert DePoe III Building

Room 142

(35 Participants)

Explore the on-line tribal history modules developed by Native scholars and the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI) and experience a powerful pedagogy for social studies.

Smithsonian NMAI

Edwin Schupman

Colleen Smith

All Day

20. Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong on Native History


(60 Participants)


Dr. Loewen will provide a morning and afternoon session on history as it relates to Native Nations. The morning will focus on tribal narratives in national history and the afternoon session will focus on tribal narratives in Montana history: An Essential Event in Montana History That You Have Never Heard Of.

Dr. James Loewen

Author of “Lies My Teacher Told me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong”

All Day

21. Words, Images and Kindness

Michel Building

Room 114

(25 Participants)

Kindness is healing. It offers a feeling of safety that is so necessary for learning. Come learn about transforming your classroom environment with kindness, writing and image making.

Jennifer Finley

David Spear

All Day






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