PIR Schedule of Events September 18,  2017

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AM Plenary: 8:00 to 9:15 AM - Keynote: RunningHorse Livingston (Location: Auditorium)

Field Trips: (choose 1 field trip for the day, Do not sign up for Sessions if you take a field trip)

  Trip #1:  Schwartz Lake Hike (CAP:  30 Teachers)

  Trip #2:  Peoples Center Tour (CAP: 30 Teachers)

  Trip #3:  Salish Kootenai College (Cap:  30 Teachers)

  Trip #4:  Mission Catholic Church and Salish Long House (CAP: 30 Teachers)

*** OR ***

Sessions: You must choose one class from each session. (CAP 30 Teachers per session room)

SESSION #1:  9:25 AM to 10:55 AM




Auditorium Have you made your ancestors proud today? Wade McGee
101 Brandon Burke & Kim Markuson Reason to Live : Suicide Prevention& Intervention (Middle School & High School 6-12)
104 STEPing Up STEP Teachers
105 Traveling Medicine Show LouAnne Krantz
106 Whitney Danz, Shyla Collicott and Kim Azure Resilience:  Building Up Children
108 Myrna Dumontier  The Round and Basket Making
109 Paul Phillips  Native Games
201 Heidi Wallace Building Inclusive Teaching in Learning Environments
202 What About You? Self-Care Workshop  Marcella Adolph & Nicole Antoine
204 Melanie Smith Community Strong/Drug Endangered Children
205 David Spear Rez-Made Student Learning Project (ART)
206 Doug Ruhman Working with SKC to Prepare Teachers
207 Tammy Elser

Intergrating Best Practices

212 Sheila Massingale & Terry Sourada Patterns and Iteration (Middle School & High School 6-12)

SESSION #2: 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Room Presenter Description
Auditorium Carmelita Matt & Marcy McCrea-Matt Child Protection Services/Mandatory Reporting
101 Mary Larson, Libby Rutledge & Andrea Panagakis SKC STEM Academy for 11th & 12th Grade Students 
104 Rob McDonald

Current Events (High School 9-12)

105 Roxana Colman-Herak Why CASA is important for Children 
106 Jeanette Blythe  Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Other Affected Children
108 Daniel Stiffman Local Naming History 
109 Jonathon Richter Teach for Good - Addressing Environmental Challenges on the Reservation with your students (High School 9-12)
201 Joan Schmidt Youth Mental Health First Aid 
202 Donna Mitchell  Kicking Horse Job Corp (High School 9-12)
203 Joan Graham Tier One Strategies for Classroom Management 
204 Charla Lake, Amy Williams, Bonnie White and Sunny RealBird E.A.G.L.E.S -  Environmental Advocates for Global and Econ-logical Sustainability (Middle School and High School 6-12)
205 Tina Begay Medicine of Traditional Mothering (K-6)
206 Georgia Smies AIS in the Classroom (Middle School and High School 6-12)
207  Mike Durglo & Staff Presentation on Tribal Preservation 

 *** LUNCH (provided): 12:00 to 12:45 PM***

SESSION #3: 12:50 to 2:20 PM

Room Presenter Description
Auditorium Vern Fisher & Will Mesteth Mission Mountain Drug Task Force
101 Cameron Decker & Michelle Mallon Plains Ledger Ar/Art Journaling (Middle School and High School 6-12)
104 RunningHorse Livingston  
105 LouAnne Krantz Traveling Medicine Show - Hockaday Museum 
106 Frank Finley Petroglyph & Pictograph Art 
108 Kootenai Culture Committee Kootenai Teepee 
109 Jessie Herbert-Meny Kwul I'tkin: To Make a Homegrown Native STEM Workforce (Maker Truck)
201 Joan Schmidt Save a Life - Ask a Question
202 Wren Walker-Robbins Using Diversiform Storytelling
203 Mark Lane, Jason HeavyRunner, Amy Foster Wolferman Resources for developing Trauma-Resilient School Systems
204 Tammy Young & Melanie Smith Trauma Informed:  Handle with Care
205 Julia Williams Friends Forever Mentoring
206  Danielle Frisk & Shianne Dumont Literacy Groups and Itnervention in the Primary Grades
207 Joyce Silverthorne & Carrie Drye Growth Mindset
211 Carolyn Pardini Integrating MT Art Standards and Common Core Writing in Place Based Science Education


PM Plenary: 2:30 to 3:30 PM - Keynote: Wade McGee (Location: Auditorium)






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